Thu Dec 31 2020

Thursday 31st December, 2020

Route 64 : 6.80 km (4.23 miles), 57m climbing, over Fields
Run time: 00:44:12
Weather: Fine weather

Tier 4 now, but the frost is only on the straights. Just as muddy as usual at the gates, and me with my New Shoes!! Liz, Richard Sarah W and me keeping a 2 by 2 distance at all times, minus one degrees! ~545 calories~ burned

Route 64 : As 18 but Purlieu Lane to the Pleasance | As Route 18 but Up Purlieiu Lane to the Pleasance to avoid the Great Mere

Route 64 trotted 5 times. Best time was 00:42:26, Slowest was 00:45:57 (average route time: 00:44:32)