Sun Dec 20 2020

Sunday 20th December, 2020

Route 175 : 7.83 km (4.87 miles), 81m climbing, over Roads
Run time: 00:53:05
Weather: Fine weather

Tinsel trot with the heroes. Santa hats and everything! Jane & Mark, Steve & Michela, SueM, Nikki, Sam and me & Sean!! Lovely bright and sunny morning. ~774 calories~ burned

Route 175 : SundayZero2Hero30-Hollis-Hop-3 | Down the Abbey Fields, along the brook onto the Greenway, all the was to Hollis Lane, back and up and down Beehive Hill then along Clinton Lane, past the Castle and return up Forrest Rd

Route 175 trotted 4 times. Best time was 00:44:04, Slowest was 00:55:35 (average route time: 00:51:40)