Sun Dec 06 2015

Sunday 6th December, 2015

Route 206 : 10.10 km (6.28 miles), 107m climbing, over Roads
Run time: 01:02:46
Weather: Fine weather

Many many heroes running this morning, including 2 Sues, 2 Steves, Ann and Anni, Michela and Michaela, plus Mark, Herluf, Tim, Jane, Shazli, Trish and me! Warm and windy. Too many layers on. ~1084 calories~ burned.

Route 206 : Sunday Heroes - Uni Gibbet Loop | From the War Memorial. Out on the Greenway, to the University, up Gibbet Hill back via Coventry road and the Greenway again

Route 206 trotted 8 times. Best time was 00:58:18, Slowest was 01:06:14 (average route time: 01:02:34.2500)

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