Sun Apr 30 2017

Sunday 30th April, 2017

Route 317 : 10.67 km (6.63 miles), 155m climbing, over Fields
Run time: 01:04:23
Weather: Fine weather

Another beautiful morning. A trek to see the bluebells (and avoid gypsies), tried to keep up with Steve W and Phil for a while… Also joined by Steve A, Michela, Marti, Anne & Sadie, Kathy, Matt, Shazli, Sue and Nichola. ~1080 calories~ burned

Route 317 : Cryfield Crackley Circuit |

Route 317 trotted 1 times. Best time was 01:04:23, Slowest was 01:04:23 (average route time: 01:04:23.0000)

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