Sun 26-May-2013

Sunday 26th May, 2013

Route 125 : 6.80 km (4.23 miles), 45m climbing, over Fields
Run time: 00:55:28
Weather: Fine weather

Glorious sunshine. Beautiful bluebells and ravishing rhododendrons. Just Jenna, no Vicki this morning. Did very well, she did.

Route 125 : Sunday Zero2Hero 7 Bluebell loop | From the War Memorial, stright down Warwick Road, round onto Birches Lane and over bridalpath bridge to Thickthorn Woods with the bluebells and rhododendrons. Long loop in the woods and back the same way.

Route 125 trotted 1 times. Best time was 00:55:28, Slowest was 00:55:28 (average route time: 00:55:28.0000)