Sun 26-Jul-2015

Sunday 26th July, 2015

Route 246 : 8.53 km (5.3 miles), 82m climbing, over Fields
Run time: 00:53:48
Weather: Trying to drizzle

2 Steves, Michela, Trish, Ian, American Anne and Sadie. Occasional drizzle today, but not too bad and still quite warm.~878 calories~ burned

Route 246 : Sunday Hero Greenway Chase mkII | Out on the Greenway, back via Hollis Lane, Beehive Hill,over and up Chase Lasne, then cut across at the first stile, round the Castle and back up Forrest Road.

Route 246 trotted 3 times. Best time was 00:51:24, Slowest was 00:53:48 (average route time: 00:52:21.6666)