Sun 23-Jun-2013

Sunday 23rd June, 2013

Route 130 : 6.50 km (4.04 miles), 45m climbing, over Roads
Run time: 00:55:17
Weather: Fine weather

Jenna, Sean, me and a few new Heroes with Steve A. Sean and I took an executive early swticheroo, but Jenna carried on down to the bridge over the river.

Route 130 : SundayZero2Hero9 | From the war memorial straight down Warwick Road, but over the footbridge behind the Shell petrol station, along the cut throughs all the way parallel to Birches Lane, crossing Farmer Ward Rd, Arden Rd, and Moseley Rd emerging onto Windy Arbour, then along Glasshouse Lane to the footpath over the dual carriageway onto Rocky Lane down into Ashow village. Sean and me turned around at Grove Lane and returned the same way direct to Moorlands Avenue

Route 130 trotted 1 times. Best time was 00:55:17, Slowest was 00:55:17 (average route time: 00:55:17.0000)