Sun 22-Feb-2015

Sunday 22nd February, 2015

Route 220 : 10.80 km (6.71 miles), 91m climbing, over Roads
Run time: 01:04:04
Weather: Fine weather

7 runners this morning, inc. 2 Ways, 2 Danes, 2 Steves. Frosty start. Max HR 164 bpm, ~1192 calories~ burned

Route 220 : Sunday Heroes - Hill Wooton loop | Down Warwick Road, around via Rouncil Lane to Leek Wooton via Police HQ. Across Leek Wooton out the other side down to Hill Wooton, back onto the Kenilworth-Leamington Road and straight up back to Abbey Fields

Route 220 trotted 1 times. Best time was 01:04:04, Slowest was 01:04:04 (average route time: 01:04:04.0000)