Sun 20-Apr-2014

Sunday 20th April, 2014

Route 157 : 8.32 km (5.17 miles), 103m climbing, over Roads
Run time: 00:45:15
Weather: Fine weather

Just me and Steve Way, ~633 calories~ and 82g fat burned

Route 157 : SundayZero2Hero24-cryfield-climb | From the war memorial down along the Brook into the Common and out on the Greenway, then over the fields towards the Uni, but right onto Cryfield Grange Road, up the hill to the Coventry Road, then back via Comon Lane, into the Common, and back via School Lane

Route 157 trotted 3 times. Best time was 00:45:15, Slowest was 00:45:50 (average route time: 00:45:33.6666)