Sun 16-Nov-2014

Sunday 16th November, 2014

Route 162 : 8.36 km (5.19 miles), 93m climbing, over Roads
Run time: 00:50:29
Weather: Fine weather

Steve M., Time and me. Max HR 175 bpm, ~962 calories~ burned

Route 162 : SundayZero2Hero27-cryfield-crybaby | Out on the greenway, across towards the Universiy, then back up Cryfield Grange Rd mega-hill, back into Kenilworth on the Coventry Rd, and hop back onto the greenway, then back via School Lane

Route 162 trotted 3 times. Best time was 00:50:29, Slowest was 00:54:30 (average route time: 00:52:30.6666)