Sun 12-Jan-2014

Sunday 12th January, 2014

Route 139 : 8.59 km (5.34 miles), 93m climbing, over Fields
Run time: 00:58:49
Weather: Fine weather

Actually returned via Forrest Rd, rather than up the park. Beautiful sunny, frosty morning. 9 heroes and a dog. ~759 calories~ and 98g fat burned

Route 139 : SundayZero2Hero14-Greenway-ChaseLane-loop | Down to the Greenway all the way out to Hollis Lane, back via Beehive Hill and across and out on Chase Lane, back through the Horse field, to Purlieu Lane, back along Abbey Fields pond and straight up hill back to the War Memorial

Route 139 trotted 3 times. Best time was 00:51:01, Slowest was 00:58:49 (average route time: 00:55:07.3333)