Sun 10-Feb-2013

Sunday 10th February, 2013

Route 110 : 18.40 km (11.43 miles), 199m climbing, over Roads
Run time: 02:00:30
Weather: Light rain

Urm, accidentally went nearly a half marathon with Sunday Zeroes! Fine rain the whole way

Route 110 : Sunday Zero2Hero session | Epic. From Abbey war memorial out on Red Lane to Burton Green, back along the Greenway until we meet second wave on the track just before Abbey Fields, then double back out on the Greenway, over the new bridge then over the fields towards the Uni, to Cryfield Grange road, back to Kenilworth on Coventry Rd, the over Common Lane into the woods back onto Lower Ladyes Hill School Lane then up the hill to the start!

Route 110 trotted 1 times. Best time was 02:00:30, Slowest was 02:00:30 (average route time: 02:00:30)