Sun 09-Feb-2014

Sunday 9th February, 2014

Route 165 : 8.62 km (5.36 miles), 94m climbing, over Roads
Run time: 00:54:36
Weather: Fine weather

Just me, Anne and Sadie (the dog) this morning. ~682 calories~ And 88g fat burned

Route 165 : SundayZero2Hero28-cryfield-crybaby2 | Similar to 162 - out on the Greenway, over the fields to Cryfield Grange Road, back on the Greenway, and back the same way, along the stream path.

Route 165 trotted 5 times. Best time was 00:50:02, Slowest was 00:56:13 (average route time: 00:53:11)