Sun 05-Jul-2015

Sunday 5th July, 2015

Route 198 : 13.70 km (8.51 miles), 130m climbing, over Fields
Run time: 01:39:36
Weather: Fine weather

Michela, Steve A and me, warm morning, stop for Almanack too!. ~1209 calories~ burned

Route 198 : Sunday Heroes - Tipperary trot | Up to the war memorial, then from there down around the Castle, along Perlieu Lane then across the fields to Chase Lane, over the fields all the way out to the Tipperary Inn at Mere End, then back through the woods to Chase Lane and back home.

Route 198 trotted 2 times. Best time was 01:38:21, Slowest was 01:39:36 (average route time: 01:38:59)