Sun 03-Mar-2013

Sunday 3rd March, 2013

Route 115 : 4.92 km (3.06 miles), 36m climbing, over Roads
Run time: 00:40:42
Weather: Fine weather

Just me and Anita catching up on a missed Friday run

Route 115 : Zero2Hero6 | Started from St.John's Rd corner. To St.Nicholas Ave, along Brookside up Forrest Rd, down Priory Rd, across Whateley's Drive and over the railway bridge to Whitemoor Rd. Turn rught along Windy Arbour then into Thornby Av then back over the railway footbridge to St.John's Rd again.

Route 115 trotted 2 times. Best time was 00:34:48, Slowest was 00:40:42 (average route time: 00:37:45.0000)