Sun 02-Jun-2013

Sunday 2nd June, 2013

Route 127 : 6.90 km (4.29 miles), 55m climbing, over Roads
Run time: 01:00:49
Weather: Fine weather

Jenna, Sean and Vicki this morning, plus a gaggle of other heroes doing longer loops

Route 127 : Sunday Zero2Hero 7 Leek Wooton loop | From the war memorial, down Warwick Road, and out still on Warwick Road to Leek Wooton, Right at The Anchor, past Police HQ back onto Rouncil Lane, onto Rounds Hill, Oaks Rd, Chestnut then Dryden and Moorlands Ave home.

Route 127 trotted 1 times. Best time was 01:00:49, Slowest was 01:00:49 (average route time: 01:00:49.0000)