Sat Jan 04 2020

Saturday 4th January, 2020

Route 18 : 6.79 km (4.22 miles), 60m climbing, over Fields
Run time: 00:44:42
Weather: Fine weather

Really dark start, super-slippery, but turned into gorgeous sunrise. Saw 2 deer, a close pheasant encounter and apparently I missed the kingfisher. With Liz and Sarah. ~517 calories~ burned

Route 18 : Castle Cross Country | From the Brays car park, follow the Millennium Way, then across to the Pleasance, straight up the fields, up the steep gravelly path at the far end of Chase Wood, onto Chase Lane, back towards town, then diagonally across fields back to the Castle and the car park.

Route 18 trotted 371 times. Best time was 00:38:19, Slowest was 00:56:38 (average route time: 00:42:33)