Sat 12-May-2012

Saturday 12th May, 2012

Route 103 : 5.33 km (3.31 miles), 63m climbing, over Fields
Run time: 00:34:26
Weather: Fine weather

Gail, Liz, Richard (at the start), 2 Sarahs and me, Beautifully sunny, but a chill in the air

Route 103 : Hilly Trainer | A warm up practice for the Hilly Challenge, from the Brays car park, round part of the Millennium Way, across to Abbey Fields, up the far side, down, up again the other side of the hedge, down again, along by St.Nics car park, through the playground, along the lake and back to the Castle

Route 103 trotted 1 times. Best time was 00:34:26, Slowest was 00:34:26 (average route time: 00:34:26.0000)