Sat 04-Jan-2014

Saturday 4th January, 2014

Route 112 : 7.53 km (4.68 miles), 73m climbing, over Roads
Run time: 00:43:05
Weather: Light rain

Dark and damp, ford flooded along with most of the fields. Liz, Sarah P and Richard and me. ~553 calories~ and 71g fat burned

Route 112 : Mud Relief | From Brays car park, up Castle Hill to Malthouse Lane, along Hollis Lane to the Greenway, back along the path to Abbey Fields, around the swimming pool, beside the lake and back to the Castle

Route 112 trotted 25 times. Best time was 00:39:31, Slowest was 00:47:57 (average route time: 00:43:59.9600)