Fri Nov 20 2015

Friday 20th November, 2015

Route 129 : 3.89 km (2.42 miles), 40m climbing, over Roads
Run time: 00:26:12
Weather: Fine weather

Chilly night. 7 heroes : Steve, Angela, Jackie, Jane, Sally, Sue and me! ~450 calories~ burned

Route 129 : Sunday Zero2Hero 8 Beehive short circuit | From the war memorial, down Forrest Road, past the Castle out along Clinton Lane, up Beehive Hill, around Fieldgate Lane, over the crossroads and back along the road around Abbey Fields

Route 129 trotted 7 times. Best time was 00:21:20, Slowest was 00:37:08 (average route time: 00:29:47)

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