Fri 14-Feb-2014

Friday 14th February, 2014

Route 166 : 4.18 km (2.6 miles), 44m climbing, over Roads
Run time: 00:29:20
Weather: Trying to drizzle

Around in the wind and occasional rain, Denise ran into Mel’s Bench. Ouch ~412 calories~ and 52g fat burned

Route 166 : zero2hero26-malthouse-nipper | Down Forrest Rd, around and up past the Castle, along Clinton Lane and Beehive Hill then down Malthouse Lane, wave at Catherine's house, down to the High Street and back via the roads and bus shelters

Route 166 trotted 3 times. Best time was 00:29:20, Slowest was 00:33:10 (average route time: 00:31:27)