Sunday 15th January, 2017

Route 290 : 10.00 km (6.21 miles), 119m climbing, over Roads
Run time: 00:56:25
Weather: Medium rain

Freezing rain and a bit of a breeze at the start, not nice. But it eased gradually to just wet soaking rain by the half way point or so. 15 heroes out for the race today! Anne, Marti, Jane, Kathy, Liz (trumpet), SteveA, Libby, SteveW, Sue, Tim, Trish, Ian, Ali, Matt and me. ~875 calories~ burned

Route 290 : Draycote 10K |

Route 290 trotted 2 times. Best time was 00:54:41, Slowest was 00:56:25 (average route time: 00:55:33.0000)

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