Route 378

Bullimore-Bates circuit

Down Abbey Fields along the pond to check out the ford at the Castle, then back up to town, down Warwick Road out the other side to get to Bullimore Grove to get into Bullimore Woods for a circuit, then out again and back to Glasshouse Lane, up Windy Arbor as far as the cut through to get into Worcester Road, Hermitage Way and into Bates Memorial Park, out onto Thornby Avenue, over the railway bridge into Clarendon Road, then back up Warwick Road.

Route number 378 : 6.75 km or 4.19 miles, total ascent of 75m over Fields

Route 378 trotted 1 times. Best time was 00:44:30, Slowest was 00:44:30 (average route time: 00:44:30.0000)