Route 314

GreenLeek end plus

Second half of the Green Leek then a bit extra. So Down Forrest Road, along the footpath to Castle farm sports fields, out the back, through the fields to the gravel track, across Rouncil Lane (left then right) into the Golf Club, back through Leek Wootton Church, out of Leek Wootton across the Warwick Road opposite the Anchor pub, over the fields across Hill Wootton road more forest track, down to look at Daniel Craig’s house, back via Kenilworth/Leamington main road, all the way to the holiday inn.

Route number 314 : 12.40 km or 7.71 miles, total ascent of 153m over Fields

Route 314 trotted 1 times. Best time was 01:21:10, Slowest was 01:21:10 (average route time: 01:21:10.0000)

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