Route 263

Sunday Ashow and Woods

Down the Warwick Road, around Birches Lane to Rocky Lane, a small off-road detour before the bridge, quick circuit of the woods over the bridge, including tree climbing, down the Ashow Village, onto the bridge, back via the swish house, to the main road and right up towards Stoneleigh Abbey, back over the dual carriageway on the next bridge, along the track past Kenilworth Wardens and back via as many back alleys as we could find.

Route number 263 : 10.00 km or 6.21 miles, total ascent of 80m over Fields

Route 263 trotted 1 times. Best time was 01:07:35, Slowest was 01:07:35 (average route time: 01:07:35.0000)

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