Route 242

Sunday Hero Ashow Woottons and fields

Up to the War Memorial, then down Warwick Road and via the alleys to Rocky Lane to Ashow village, over the bridge, accross the fields and down the alley to the rugby club, over the main road to Hill Wootton, through the woods and fields up to Leek Wootton, along Woodcote Lane then out on Rouncil Lan and back via the big gravel track to Oaks Farm and to Iceland Car Park and home again

Route number 242 : 14.30 km or 8.89 miles, total ascent of 115m over Fields

Route 242 trotted 1 times. Best time was 01:24:25, Slowest was 01:24:25 (average route time: 01:24:25.0000)