Route 379

Golf Course loop

From the war memorial down Forrest Road across to the Castle Farm sports field path, Green Leek route sown the gravel path to Rouncil Lane, then right and left to Goodrest Farm lane, left across the field into the Golf Club, across the Warwickshire to the Green Leek finish line, time for a single hill rep dowm the grass and back again, then back via the church footpath, to Rouncil Lane via the field, back gravel path all the way to the castle and back up Forrest Road again

Route number 379 : 10.80 km or 6.71 miles, total ascent of 149m over Fields

Route 379 trotted 1 times. Best time was 01:06:09, Slowest was 01:06:09 (average route time: 01:06:09.0000)